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Pregnancy Support Group | Your Family Wellness Village | Mental Health Counseling Practice in Glen Ellyn, IL


What to expect:  The virtual group meets every other Wednesday from 6-7pm. Expectant mothers can join at any time. Your Belly Tribe is an emotional peer support group, mixed with psycho-education, and skills training. If you are interested to join, you must fill out a brief screening form. Visit our group page on or fill out a Contact Us form letting us know you are interested in joining the group.  

Are you having a difficult time handling your pregnancy? Due to COVID19, has it become even harder to balance excitement and fear? Has your mood shifted, your body image questioned, or your thoughts started racing? Could you use a non-judgmental ear to listen, somebody who really understands what you’re going through? Do you wish you had more of a sense of community in your life, instead of feeling alone in your pregnancy experience?

This pregnancy support group could be part of the relief you’ve been seeking. In these support group sessions, moms-to-be share their thoughts and experiences about pregnancy and motherhood with their tribe, allowing them to receive support from others who understand what they’re going through.

This group is ideal for expectant mothers who want to try something lower pressure than individual therapy or as a complement to individual therapy. Your Belly Tribe helps you find a sense of community, validation, and skills, that can help relieve pregnancy and postpartum woes, and beyond.

Topics that may be addressed include:

  • How to deal with physical, emotional, and psychological changes during pregnancy

  • Preparation for labor and delivery

  • Education on warning signs, and how to cope with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

  • How to smooth the transition into motherhood

  • Tips to maintain healthy relationships once baby arrives



During the duration of COVID-19 Pandemic, Your Belly Tribe will be strictly held in a virtual format. RSVP and screening form is required. Please visit to RSVP, and you will automatically receive the link to join the online event.

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