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Veterans Counseling | Your Family Wellness Village | Mental Health Counseling Practice


What to expect: Therapy for veterans can be incredibly helpful in addressing post-traumatic stress and adjustment symptoms being experienced. Treatment can be done individually or with your partner and will focus on identifying and managing symptoms being experienced through tools such as mindfulness, emotional regulation, and processing trauma. Sessions typically will occur weekly or biweekly and can last anywhere from 4 months up to a year or longer depending on the severity of symptoms being experienced and the goals the client would like to achieve. 

At this time, about 40% of military service members experience some sort of mental health concerns and as many as 1 in 5 veterans experience symptoms of PTSD. It can be difficult trying to navigate those on your own, so connecting with a counselor can be a great way to get additional support and resources. 

Common issues addressed are:

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety and Panic attacks

  • Depression

  • Grief and Loss

  • Breakup and Divorce

  • Injury and Disability

  • Moral injury

  • Suicidal thoughts

Some positive therapy outcomes are:

  • Developing tools to manage symptoms with healthy coping skills

  • Promotes emotional regulation 

  • Processing trauma to begin to heal from it

  • Reduced isolation and disconnection


Contact us now to schedule your first appointment with our veteran specialist, Casey Divane.

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