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Myriam Sanchez, Clinical Therapist, Your Family Wellness Village in Glen Ellyn, IL

About Us

Here at Your Family Wellness Village, we believe that you can be your own agent of change towards the kind of life you want.


We want to help you build a solid foundation for your supportive village and towards the rich and meaningful life you want.





You create the kind of life you want for yourself based on your own values and value-based goals. This comes from answering the following question: What kind of person/partner/parent do I want to be? From this question, we derive your values, the building blocks of your life. Then we outline some specific goals to accomplish along the way. Your therapist serves as your accountability partner towards these goals.


All humans strive for belonging and connection. You do not need to go through life alone. Reach out for help. Allow yourself to be helped by others. Share the happy moments and the struggles too. Your therapist will provide that safe space for you to share, explore, and process life’s difficult moments. From this, we hope to foster a sense of connection with every client that we serve. If you are pregnant, one great way to connect is through our pregnancy support group, “Your Belly Tribe.”


Make your village diverse, branch out and get involved. Don’t expect one single person to meet all of your needs. That is why you need family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, medical providers, community members, and even a therapist in your corner!

Your Family Wellness Village (YFWV) was born from a desire to help individuals, couples, and families know that they are not alone in struggles of daily life. We can help each other out. Whether that support comes from your family of origin, your therapist, or a group of peers, support is essential.

Even further than support and a listening ear, YFWV strives to provide accountability towards the value-based goals you set, skills to radically change your life in the way you want, and feedback regarding better ways of living. Therapy services are derived from frameworks of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Although we work with most populations and diagnoses, we specialize in perinatal therapy, couples counseling, and family therapy. Video sessions (teletherapy) is available for all and encouraged for new moms who wish to start the therapy process from home.

A Glimpse Inside Our Offices

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